About Us

JAKA Investments Corporation (JIC) is a privately held investment management company responsible for overseeing and managing the diversified interests of the JAKA Group.


It is responsible for providing the JAKA Group's overall strategic direction and shared services, and is involved in group-wide development and management of new business initiatives.


Located in the Makati Business District, it provides gainful employment to approximately 112 employees.




The JAKA Group is a progressive business conglomerate with diverse business interests in the fields of Food Manufacturing & Services; Product Distribution, Marketing & Logistics; Forest Plantation Management; Safety Match Manufacturing; Property Management and Development; Information Technology Services; Security Services & Financial Services.


The JAKA Group is composed of approximately 22 companies that function independently within the Group's Five (5) Core Business Segments: Distribution & Logistics Group, Food Group, Lights and Woods Group, Property and Security Group, Investment Management Group.

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