JAKA Food Processing Corp’s (JFPC) technical team can work with clients to create processed meat products that suits the client’s standards, taste and budget.


JFPC is in a position to create other meat lines according to specifications.

Here is a list of the products that JFPC can produce:

Hotdogs – Comes in Regular, Jumbo, Footlong or Cocktail sizes. JFPC can produce hotdogs for any type of budget.


Dry Sausages – Comes in Pepperoni, Dry Salami or Chorizo Filipino variety.


Bacon – JFPC produced a wide range bacon to choose from, such as honeycured and country-style.


Hams and Cold Cuts – Comes in the following varieties: Restructured Cooked Hams, Whole Muscle Ham, Spiced Ham, and Cooked Salami.


Meat Specialties – Features the following products: Frozen Corned Beef (packed in boilable bags for easy heating), Longganisa, Hamonado, Burgers, Beer Sausages, and bottled cooked food.


Pizza Toppings – Comes in the following varieties: Bacon Bits, Shredded Ham, Beef Toppings, and Italian Sausages.


Canned Meat – Ranging from Corned Beef to Vienna Sausages, and Luncheon Meat. JFPC also produces canned Filipino viands like Mechado and Lechon Paksiw.


Sauces – A variety of frozen meat sauces for pasta and pizza.


JAKA Foods Processing Corporation’s (JFPC) current product list also includes: Delimondo, upscale specialties of gourmet food and deli meats; and Country Fair Hotdogs: a budget-conscious product line.

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