JPDMC offers Property Development and Property Management services, supported by a Quality Management Systems (QMS) to assure that clients get good returns for their property investments. Backed by years of experience, JPDMC mastered the managerial systems and techniques that reflect professional property management.

Here is a comprehensive list of JPDMCs services:

1.Property Management

Upkeep and management of property is the key to the longevity and viability of assets and businesses.

Here are the following services under Property Management:

Accounting, Finance, and Other Administrative Services - takes care of permits and licenses for their clients. The company can assist in setting up accounting systems and procedures, and fund management. Regular audit services and monthly financial statements can also be provided.

Security and Safety Management - employs the best security and safety measures for their clients through the SIGMA Security Services Inc. (SSSI) and the SIGMA Institute for Security & Protection Training Inc. (SISPITI). 


Housekeeping - implements environment-friendly garbage disposal systems in its sanitation operations. JPDMC also provides orientation on good housekeeping practices.

Repairs and Maintenance - does preventive maintenance measures, regular maintenance, repair and upkeep, periodic assessments to monitor equipment lifespan, and energy conservation and savings programs. JPDMC has a 24-hour engineering and maintenance support.

2.Leasing Management

JAKA Property Development and Management Corp. (JPDMC) helps lease out vacant units in order to achieve a high-occupancy rate for its clients. The leasing team is well equipped and have extensive knowledge of the local leasing market and can provide up-to-date advise for lessors on how to successfully lease and manage their properties, as well as assist tenants in finding the property best suited to their requirements.

Providing an end-to-end solution for its clients, JPDMCs leasing services include:

  • Sourcing
  • Identification
  • Screening
  • Closing of Lease
  • lease Monitoring
  • Renewal

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