The JAKA Equities Corporation (JEC) is one of the first companies that the JAKA Investments Corporation (JIC) ventured into. The company was acquired under the name of AK Wood Industries Inc. in 1977, which was then owned by the Philippine Match Corporation (PHIMCO), another safety match manufacturer. In 1978, the companys name was changed to Eurasia Match Incorporated.

In 1994, Eurasia Match Inc. was renamed as the JAKA Equities Corporation. The establishment of JEC is a consolidation of all manufacturing operations within the JAKA Group of Companies: match manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and food processing. It was likewise planned that JEC would also hold the equity investments of the JAKA Group, such as the shares in the Philippine Global Communications, Far Eastern Bank and Trust Company, Republic Glass Corporation and the United Coconut and Planters Bank.

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