SUNRIPE offers a wide range of desiccated coconut products, made only from choice coconuts and processed and packed hygienically under the modern manufacturing facilities of PRBFI:

Fine / Macaroon - This variety consists of granular cuts of selected mature coconuts specially processed and sieved as ingredient for macaroons, cookies, butter balls, cream cake and cheese cake.


Medium - This granular cut is a grade coarser than the macaroon. It is ideally prepared as fillers of chocolate bars and pies. It can also be toasted and sweetened, and used as toppings.


Flakes - Flakes are flat strips of matured coconut that are approximately one inch long. These are usually used as toppings and ingredients for appetizers, soups, vegetables and salads. Flakes come in Regular and Thin variants, and may be toasted and sweetened.


Chips - toasted - A special shred of high-quality matured coconut, about 1/8 to ¼ inch wide, and ½ to 2 inches long. Coconut chips are used for specialty confectionary, appetizers and as snack food.
Chips can come in Regular and Thick variants, and may be toasted and sweetened.


Shred - This variety consists of shredded matured coconut, about one inch to three inches long. Shreds are ideal as baked goods topping and decorations for cakes and special fancy pies.


Tenderized  - Sweetened and tenderized desiccated coconut is used as an ingredient in baking and confectionary. It is also used in making cereals and ice cream.

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