In the course of its operations, Casilayan Softwood Development Corp. (CSDC) gives back to the community that it co-habits with through the following:


• Giving out monthly honorarium to various sectoral owners.


• Subsidizing monthly salary of teachers at San Luis and Labnig, Agusan del Sur.


• Donating to communities during fiestas, sports and recreational activities. CSDC also provides medicines and medical services by outreach activities.


• Extending wood and lumber materials for renovation and improvement of schools baranggay centers, residential accommodations and government projects.


• Linking road networks for easy access and transport of goods. Road maintenance and rehabilitation efforts are done to facilitate CSDC's operation, as well as to make communities accessible. In the course of plantation development, CSDC constructs additional roads and bridges, which are open to public use. Transportation is also provided to the community in times of emergency.


• Paying out royalties per cubic meters to sectoral owners on harvested logs in their area.


• Sharing of training and other programs, not only to CSDC employees, but also its families through the company's Family Welfare Council.

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