Together with the Sigma Institute for Security and Protection Training, Inc. (SISPTI), we administer programs that provide efficient and effective solutions for today's security requirements. Incorporated in our programs are topics, which emphasize value formation, customer relations, courtesy and discipline. We train our personnel to be proactive and reactive in performing their duties and responsibilities, resulting to an efficient and responsive security service.

The Program of Instructions (POI) inculcated in every Sigma security personnel focus on the following:

• Weaponry Familiarization

• Marksmanship

• Firearms Handling and Safety Measures

• First Aid and Practical Exercises

• Fire Prevention and Control

• Bomb Threat and Detection

• Customer Relations

• Report Writing

Sigma Security Personnel Qualifications:

• 21 to 35 years old

• College level / graduate

• Must be of good moral character

• 5'3" in height (female) ; 5'7" (male)

• Physically and mentally fit

• Computer literate

• No derogatory record

• Must pass a Neuro-Psychiatric and Drug Test

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