Training Center

Sigma Institute for Security and Protection Training, Inc. (SISPTI) is the exclusive Training Center of SSSI. A duly licensed and recognized security training institution, SISPTI provides quality education and training to further enhance the skills and knowledge of every security personnel of Sigma Security Group. SISPTI also offers its services outside its affiliates and is the official training center for other security agencies.

The creation of SISPTI in 2004 greatly improved the quality of all Sigma security personnel. SISPTI instructors are certified professionals with years of expertise and knowledge on security matters. The training center is accredited and duly recognized by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the PNP-SOSIA.

SISPTI Amenities:

• Has an air-conditioned classroom.

• Supervised by certified training instructors and range officers
  (for Marksmanship Training).

• Equipped with audio visual aids for better learning.

• Provides manuals for trainees.

• Gives free access to the outdoor shooting range.

• Allows for use of 20 rounds of 9mm ammunitions per trainee.

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